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Anderson University offers degree programs in our traditional daytime program for students coming from all kinds of backgrounds.  Students can enter Anderson as first-time college students or as transfers from other colleges or universities.  Students can return to Anderson after taking time off to work or attend another institution, and they can also take dual-enrollment classes, audit a class, take summer classes, obtain teacher certification, and more.  For assistance in applying, please contact the Traditional Admission Office at (864) 328-1835 or

Anderson's Evening Programs offer undergraduate classes that are eight weeks long and are held on Monday and Thursday evenings and online. The program is open to transfers, first-time college students, and former Anderson students. People may take two or three classes per term for five terms per year. For assistance in applying, please contact the Evening Admission Office at (864) 231-5510 or

The graduate program at Anderson University offers master's degrees in business, criminal justice, education, and ministry. These programs emphasize a dynamic and intense study of the disciplines, the generation of knowledge through research, and the application of new findings. For assistance in applying to the graduate programs, please contact the Graduate Admission Office at (864) 231-5510 or

The Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) is a professional doctoral degree focused primarily on the practice of ministry. The D.Min program guides students in seeking understanding not for its own sake, but rather for practical ends. The degree program will be appropriate for students with experience in ministry who desire to hone their preaching skills. For assistance in applying to the Doctorate of Ministry, please contact the Graduate Admission Office at (864) 231-5510 or

The primary goal of the Teacher Cadet Program is to encourage academically able students who possess exemplary interpersonal and leadership skills to consider teaching as a career. Students enrolled in “Teacher Cadet” at partner schools may take EDU 101, which is a three (3) credit hour course designed to familiarize senior high school students with the role of the teacher and with the profession of teaching. All students enrolled in this program must meet the criteria established by the Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention, & Advancement (CERRA) for admission into the Teacher Cadet program. Please note the application fee for the Teacher Cadet application is $100. For assistance, please contact the Coordinator of Teacher Cadet Programs, Beth Poole, at (864) 506-5215 or

Dual enrollment permits high school students to enroll in courses for college credit during regular semesters or in the summer. Credit earned in this program may be applied toward a degree at Anderson University, or may be transferred to another school. However, since transfer policies vary from institution to institution, Anderson University cannot guarantee that every school will accept credit earned in these programs. Dual enrollment students must submit a Dual Enrollment Student Application, approval from their principal or guidance counselor, an official high school transcript and appropriate SAT or ACT scores to take courses at Anderson University. Students wishing to enroll in English courses must make at least a 500 on the writing portion of the SAT or a 20 on the writing portion of the ACT. Under certain circumstances, it is possible for students to take courses at their high school and/or at Anderson University, which will count for both high school and college credit.

Note: T.L. Hanna concurrent applicants must gain the approval of their guidance office.

Anderson University welcomes students from around the world to our programs. International students can enter Anderson as first-time college students or as transfers from other colleges or universities. We work hard to ensure that the transition for all of our students is as smooth as possible. For assistance in applying as an International Student, please contact Leonard Johnson at (864) 231-5540 or


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